School Values


Learning is our core business and intrinsic to everything we do.

¨ Our school is a learning community that embraces experiences and opportunities which foster the growth of the whole person. promoting cognitive, social, emotional and physical development

¨ Our learners develop positive dispositions that strengthen and deepen learning opportunities.

¨ Our learners have enduring habits of mind and action such as enthusiasm; curiosity, creativity, commitment; independence, persistence; confidence;  cooperation and collaboration. 

¨ Our learners are reflective, practice meta-cognition, demonstrate agility and adaptability and be observant of self and others. They think independently and critically. They develop an open mindset; self – efficacy and intrinsic motivation.

¨ Our learners to have attributes such as curiosity, inquisitiveness, and questioning. Our classrooms  foster  creativity, problem solving strategies, risk taking and imagination to facilitate innovation

¨ Our learners appreciate our learning environment, actively participate fully in school life and make the most of our educational opportunities. 

¨ Our school and classrooms are places in which a groups’ collective as well as individual’s thinking is valued, respected, visible and actively promoted as part of the day to day regular experience of all learners.


Ours is a  community demonstrating honesty, truthfulness, and fairness.

¨ We are committed to taking ownership of behaviour and actions and setting a positive role model for others.

¨ We maintain integrity by being honest and courteous at all times and acknowledging the beliefs and rights of others

¨ We display sincerity in a courteous and respectful manner

¨ We give constructive and honest feedback


We value kindness and expect that we treat others as we like to be treated. We nurture one another and look after those less fortunate.

¨ We contribute  to the wider community programs and support those beyond our school

¨ We make new friends and help others to do so

¨ We develop emotional resilience

¨ We work to resolve conflict calmly and fairly and restore relationships

¨ We give of our time and resources to help people in need


Our community demonstrates respectfulness towards one another and the school environment.

¨ We value relationships that are fostered through honesty, respect, empathy, kindness and helpfulness.

¨ We treat people with dignity and property with care

¨ We embrace diversity and inclusiveness and accept different opinions, cultures, religions and languages

¨ We value strengthening the partnerships within our community and feel strongly connected to those within and beyond.

¨ We have high regard for our children’s perspective on the importance of families, friendships, fun, kindness, trust and respect.

¨ All members of our community model positive behaviours to one another and behave in a safe and responsible manner.


We value excellence in all spheres of our educational provision.

¨ We strongly encourage our learners to  set ambitious goals and  strive to achieve their personal best in all their endeavours and pursuits.

¨ We aspire to  achieving our goals and celebrating our successes

¨ We facilitate a culture for continuous improvement

¨ We act in a responsible and professional manner

¨ We keep up to date with new initiatives and best practice

¨ We are  prepared, organised and punctual

¨ We regularly review performance and professional development needs

¨ We set goals and work towards achieving them

¨ Our learners demonstrate skills and attributes that foster social progress, drive learning, promote wellbeing and resilience and facilitate innovation and creativity. These ensure the success of our learners in a rapidly changing global  society.