Why do we need a Masterplan?

Why do we need a Landscape Master Plan?


Armadale Primary School’s vision is to become an exemplary learning community by developing the whole child. The Master Plan will enable the school to transform our outdoor learning environment and play spaces to help fulfil this vision.


By planning ahead and having a cohesive, well considered design and agreed vision for the whole school grounds, we will be better organised and be able to make well informed decisions about improvements to make now and down the track, saving money, time and resources.


A master plan is especially important when seeking funding and means everyone including the Council, neighbours and Department of Education can understand the school’s long-term goals.


What is a Landscape Master Plan?


It is a design for the school grounds that is used by the school as a framework for planning, design, development, and maintenance of all of the exterior spaces of our school grounds.



It provides a clear process for managing change and aligning projects to the values and vision we have all agreed to as a school community.

Our progress so far

In 2018 we established the Master Plan Working Group made up of teachers and parents and engaged landscape architects Andrew Laidlaw and Andrea Proctor from Laidlaw & Laidlaw Design (L & L Design) to consult with the whole community to help the school develop a cohesive, well considered design for the whole school grounds.


We completed our extensive community consultation in December 2018. Our community shared hundreds of ideas, comments and designs with the designers and each other.


Everyone’s responses were collated and transcribed by Abby and Fran from the Master Plan Working Group and provided to Laidlaw & Laidlaw Design who produced a reverse brief which the designers are now working through to develop the ‘big picture’ schematic design for our school grounds.


This stage of the design process is being managed by the Master Plan Working Group in close consultation with Facilities and School Council. It’s expected the final design will be available in May 2019.