Reporting and Assessment Overview


At Armadale PS, we work tirelessly to provide students (and their families) with detailed and timely information on their learning journey and how they will be supported to grow. This document provides an overview of our formal reporting and assessment processes and is designed to help parents understand how to access information about their child’s academic progress. In conjunction with ongoing personalised conversations during class time, we want to ensure our students are always receiving advice on how they can continue to develop key knowledge, skills and the disposition to enable learning .


Learning Tasks

This year we began continuous reporting of student learning using Compass Learning Task. Student progress is posted online during and/or at the completion of each Big Idea (for parents and students to access). Teacher judgements are made on what the students know, what they do and ways of being. Assessment is based on each Big Idea. The big idea underpins our pedagogical model of Know, Do, Be. We use the Know, Do, Be model to develop a programme of inquiries. These inquiries are important as they are investigation into important ideas, identified by the school, in line with the Victorian Curriculum.

To access Learning Tasks, login to compass and click on ‘View Academic Reports’ (left of the screen). By selecting the ‘Learning Tasks’ tab, you will see all of your child’s assessment.


Semester Reports

Semester Reports are released twice a year (at the end of term 2 and 4). At Armadale Primary School, we aim to describe your child as a learner. Is your child able to draw upon several strategies to solve a problem? Can your child give reasons for the way in which he/she chose to tackle a problem? Can your child connect their learning to the real world? Can your child determine the efficiency of strategies used? Most importantly, does your child know what he needs to know, do and be in order to grow?

When you read your child’s report, please consider the role you play in shaping his/her perception as a learner. What you say to your child indicates what you value. Current educational research has shown that this approach to reporting is a more effective way of promoting effort, driving self – confidence, as well as acknowledging hard work and a willingness to persist when facing academic challenges. All children are capable of academic progress and growth and we need to work together to support that this is done effectively.

Semester reports can be accessed via Compass. Again, select ‘View Academic Reports’ once you have logged in. Your child’s Semester Report (as well as ones from previous years) will be available to download as a PDF.                                                                                                                            


Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Two sets of conferences are conducted each year- early in term 1, and again towards the end of term 2. Conferences are conducted for all students. Teachers will be available for 15 minute conferences. Students are expected to attend together with their parents. These valuable conversations make a significant contribution to maximising students’ academic performance, as well as celebrate successes and discuss strategies for moving the learning forward. As such, it is critical that parents access both ‘Learning Tasks’ and Semester Reports prior to the interviews. Parents make bookings online through Compass and will be notified when the system has been opened.