Our masterplan is now live!


Our masterplan for our school grounds is now live!

We now have a landscape masterplan – a shared vision for our school grounds, which all of our community has helped to create and which we presented to our whole community in August.

It has been created by the school and for the school, and will allow the grounds to support our children, teachers, parents and entire community with well organized, easily accessible spaces.

It outlines an ambitious scope, but one that is achievable, through community support, working bees, fundraising, sponsorships and grants.

Values & guiding principles:

All of our community’s feedback and ideas shared during our extensive community consultation in 2018 have helped shape the plan.

Common themes emerged about what our community values about the school, what’s important, what’s missing that needs to be added and what’s not working that needs to be addressed.

These are reflected in the plan and are the guiding principles for the design of the grounds:

Sustainability – care for our school, care for our environment, light footprint, promoting a respect for the natural environment

Places for all children – need mixes of active and passive play spaces which support children of all ages. Sports areas and equipment for kids to be active, and quiet, secluded nooks for when children need space to withdraw.

Creative play – fostering natural creative play, adventure, sensory elements, climbing, building, making, immersion in the natural environment.

A learning landscape – a landscape for the teachers, with spaces which are an extension of the classroom and support the school curriculum.

Connection to nature – opportunity for children to connect to nature through play and build a love of and respect for the natural environment.

Making the most of what we have – spaces that are flexible, can be used to their best potential and for a range of activities.

Food production – vegetable gardens and composting areas and the way they are incorporated into the curriculum and used to each life skills.

Art – art as part of the landscape and school culture, integrated into the landscape and life of the school.

Practical – needs to be workable, able to be maintained, able to be built, able to be afforded.