Sports Courts & Nature Playground

First two projects to begin now

Work is now underway on the first stage of the masterplan which involves two major projects: 

  1. The upgrade of the sports courts, primarily funded by the grant obtained in the Victorian Government’s ‘Pick My Project’ initiative in 2018.  
  2. Creating a new nature playground adjacent to the courts in response to the children’s needs for more nature play.

Sports Courts Upgrade

The masterplan design allows the courts to be expanded and re-configured to include two full sized basketball and netball courts, one full-sized tennis court, a junior-sized tennis court and two new shade shelters with seats. The edges of the court and unsightly rear fence will be softened by trees and climbers with seats and viewing areas.  Extending the courts is seen as the best long-term solution as so many children (and the wider community) use them. The full-sized courts cater for older children and children of all ages will have more space for playing and PE classes. The sports courts upgrade is expected to be completed in April 2020 and the nature playground to be completed straight after. Design development for the courts is being completed, engineering construction documentation is due to be complete in the next four weeks, a project manager is to be appointed shortly and the tender process for contractors will begin soon after.   The design work for the nature playground will commence in November.

Nature Playground

With the extension of the sports courts, and in response to the children’s needs for more nature play, the existing adjacent playground area is being redesigned.   This will become a nature playground with a small water tank feeding a water play rill (like a dry creek bed), a natural sunken sandpit with boulder edges to prevent sand loss, the existing rope climbing play equipment (Komplan, installed in 2012) and new monkey bars, sensitively placed under new trees.   A copse of Banksias and Sheoaks will provide shade and a space for withdrawn, creative play.