Answers to your questions

Please share your feedback

We will continue to provide work in progress updates and answer questions about our school grounds work here and in the newsletter so please continue to share your feedback. We welcome your involvement in implementing this plan.

You can also contact any of the Landscape Masterplan Working Group: Rochelle, Connie, Peter, Vita, Pippa, Zaim, Steve Kruk, Cara Bodsworth, Abby Imhoff or Fran Johnson.

When will the sports courts and nature playground be completed?

The sports courts upgrade is expected to be completed in April and the nature playground to be completed straight after. Design development for the courts is being completed this week, engineering construction documentation is due to be complete in the next four weeks, a project manager is to be appointed in the next two weeks and the tender process for contractors will begin soon after.   The design work for the nature playground will commence in November. 

How much will these projects cost and how will the school fund the works? 

The sports courts upgrade will be primarily funded by the $188,000 grant obtained in the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project initiative in 2018 as well as existing funds from the school’s building fund and the proceeds of this year’s Trivia Night, which will go towards the sports courts and nature playground.  The school will obtain detailed project costings for the sports courts during the upcoming tender process.  For the nature playground project, the school will seek more funding through grant applications externally. 

Why doesn't the sports courts design include shade sails over the courts for all-weather protection?

Two new large shade shelters with seats on both the north western and south eastern sides of the courts will offer shade, shelter from the elements and viewing areas. The designed shade and seating will offer much needed protection on the courts and the play area will feature an attractive combination of shade sails and a canopy of tree shade.  

Shade sails and other shade coverage options for all weather protection were looked at by the designers and the school as part of the design process but were considered not feasible for the following reasons: 

  • The designers aimed to keep the school grounds light and bright, given the school’s very small footprint or area of outdoor space; 
  • Permanent sun blockout on the school’s main, largest outdoor play area would result in too much of a reduction in natural light for children, when natural light is needed throughout the year and at different times of the day;  
  • More flexible shade options will help reduce children’s exposure to the elements with shade shelters and seating on either sides of the courts;  
  • The size of the courts has increased to cater for more activities and the cost of all-weather protection would therefore be significantly more;
  • With the expanded courts size, the school can reduce the overall size of the exposed asphalt area and provide protection from the elements in this area with tree planting and shade structures over play equipment.