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Beliefs about Learning 
Armadale Primary is committed to the development of a learning community where learning is seen as the central activity of both the individual and the school as a whole. One of the essential features of our community is our commitment to life long learning. Teachers plan a curriculum that encompasses a wide variety of learning styles, promotes higher order thinking skills and encourages cooperative and collaborative learning skills. The teacher engages students in problem solving based on real life contexts supporting growth into independent learners. We encourage all students to reflect on their understandings and take appropriate action.

School History
Armadale Primary, which opened in September of 1884, is an inner south - eastern suburban school with a rich and varied history. The original facilities consisted of a wooden building, which opened for instruction on September 4 1884. This was replaced by the main single storey building, which was completed in 1886, with a further two storey building completed in 1901. Both buildings are classified by the National Trust. The school has many features, which include: a fully refurbished library, Visual Arts room, extensive computer network and well maintained grounds.

Our community participation is created by our sense of partnership and defined by a commonly accepted set of values, beliefs and guiding principles. We believe that parents are first educators and models of values and that the school has an important partnership role with the family. The role of the school is to advocate, model and support these values. The participation and community feeling is fostered through whole school events such as the Festa [every second year], family barbeques and a health week family breakfast.

School Vision

To be an exemplary learning community.
We place the highest value on developing the whole child with the skills, knowledge and dispositions for a lifetime of inquiry.
We strive for a culture of excellence  for all learners within a nurturing and  inclusive community to create a sense of belonging.

We value diversity and seek to promote a deeper understanding of our world.

School Values

The values we highlight are:

  • Learning
    Learning is our core business and intrinsic to everything we do.
  • Honesty
    Ours is a community demonstrating honesty, truthfulness and fairness.
  • Kindness
    We value kindness and expect that  we treat others as we like to be treated. We nurture one another and look after those less fortunate.
  • Respectfulness
    Our community demonstrates respectfulness towards one another and the school environment.
  • Excellence
    We value excellence in all spheres of our educational provision.

Further Information 
In 2017 the student enrolment is 372 students. The Strategic Plan, Annual Implementation Plan and the current Annual Report may be viewed below. A
ll current policies for our school, can be viewed on this website under the Parents link. For further information please contact the school.

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Annual Implementation Plan 2017

Armadale PS Annual Report